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  • Original Xbox Specifications

    Original Xbox Specifications

    Date released: November 15th, 2001.

    Date discontinued: March 2, 2009.
    Units Sold: 24+ million (as of May 10, 2006)

    CPU: Custom 733 MHz Intel Pentium III "Coppermine-based" processor
    Graphics Processor: 233 MHz nVidia NV2A
    RAM: 64 Megabytes
    Storage Capacity: 8 or 10 GB internal Hard Drive (Formatted to 8 GB with alloted system reserve and MS Dash)
    Media: DVD, Compact Disc, Download
    Connectivity: 100...
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  • How To Install A Larger Hard Drive (Xbox Original)

    How To Install A Larger Hard Drive (Xbox Original)

    NOT ALL DRIVES WILL WORK! Some drives will not work unless you have a Hard modded Xbox. There is a public list that has been created to show which drives have worked in the past. You can find the list here: If your drive was not on the list but works/doesn't work, please help everyone else out by adding yours to the list.

    • T-10 Torx Screw Driver
    • T-20 Torx Screw Driver
    • Philips Screw Driver
    • A Hard Drive
    • A power source for the new HD
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  • Basic networking and you (Xlink guide)

    Basic networking and you (Xlink guide)

    IP Addresses:

    Everything that communicates on a network with TCP/IP ( the default for everything ) needs an IP address. To setup your network so it can work with Kai, you need to understand a few basics.
    First is range. An ip address must be in the same range to enable a device to communicate with another device. ( There are other ways, but i'm keeping this basic. )
    For example. is different then
    In order for two devices to “talk” they...
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