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  • Welcome to Tech Support

    Hello and welcome to everyone, veterans and new users alike.

    This special section of the forums will be dedicated to help requests and topics.

    If you're having problems with your consoles, both software and hardware, the site, or platforms such as XLink Kai, XBSlink, and Openspy, feel free to ask about it here and let our friendly members assist you with troubleshooting!

    If you've stumbled upon something that could potentially be useful advice to others, feel free to post here also!

    If you are in need of help getting your Xbox setup for the first time or getting XLink Kai up and running, you can pm Stickey directly through the Xbox Kai Fam discord channel. From there you can setup a time to troubleshoot and get your Xbox up and running.

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    Hi... I would like to know what xbslink cloud server are you using.

    So far I have problem with connecting to default cloud list ( OR ), when I try to Start Engine I always get these 2 errors:
    1. hh:mm:ss !! Cloud not resolve external IP Address.
    2. hh:mm:ss !! Cloudlist server HELLO timeout. incoming Port is CLOSED
    so I cant create any cloud/room on default cloud list.

    I already did portforward the 31415 to my machine (when I set my VNC server to 31415 port I can clearly see that port is open, but no such luck with XBSlink)
    • thats why I tried to set up my own cloud server at free hosting: this cloud list I can start engine without "HELLO timeout" error, but unfortunately, probably due to obligatory advertisement, I cant create a cloud/room in there
    • so I tried to create another server on the same web but on another page without advertisement: ...unfortunately on this url I again cant start engine without error about closed port...
    • but if I start the engine with and after that I load cloud list from .... then I can atleast create cloud/room (but cant use the chat or see other connections)

    So my questions:
    1. is the default cloud list ( OR ) working for you?
    2. do U use default URL for cloud list or do U use some custom cloud list?
    3. do U have any advice for me to get xbslink working?
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      We use False positives for port checks are common, so I recommend just turning that off altogether.