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Steel Battalion: Line of Contact - February 23rd 2019

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  • Steel Battalion: Line of Contact - February 23rd 2019

    Player Limit: 10
    Ping Limit: No
    Region Lock: No
    DLC: Intercompatible
    The next Saturday Night LoC-down is coming up on Saturday, the 23rd of February @ 3pm PST!

    It is the year 2019 of the A.D. century.

    Over a decade has passed since humanity first began waging war using gigantic bipedal weapons called vertical tanks. A new weapons platform, carrying on that most beautiful tradition of high-mobility ultra-violence inherited from the main battle tanks and heavy cavalry of yesteryear.

    That tradition lives on every other Saturday, now starting EARLIER @ 3pm Pacific Standard!

    ...Who will survive?

    AFTER-ACTION REPORT(2/9): Last LoC-down was good. Always fun to welcome a new player and see them get their first point-blank Railgun kill! As of February, we've moved the LoC-down's start time two hours earlier, so we can get more time with our East Coast and European players!

    Join the Discord!:

    Fresh arrival and need help setting up XLink Kai? Need some help unlocking and equipping your VT fleet? Over on the Discord, we have an active player base who are into PvP online/LAN play.

    We welcome any and all skill levels!

    Our base has a good spread of experience, with vets and new-pilots who can go slow and can help new arrivals get the hang of control and gunnery! Find another new player, wingman up for some 1v1 practice, and join us!
    02-23-2019 15:00
    02-23-2019 21:00
    XLink Kai's SB: LoC Arena (Under 3rd Person Shooters)