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Steel Battalion: Line of Contact - January 26th 2019

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  • Steel Battalion: Line of Contact - January 26th 2019

    Player Limit: 10
    Ping Limit: No
    Region Lock: No
    DLC: Intercompatible
    The next Saturday Night LoC-down is coming up on Saturday, the 26th of January @ 5pm PST!

    The next Wednesday Night Vertical Tanks is coming up again on Wednesday, the 30th of January @ 5pm PST!

    It is the year two-zero-one-nine of the A.D. century.

    Over a decade has passed since humanity first began waging war using gigantic bipedal weapons called vertical tanks. A new weapons platform, carrying on a beautiful tradition of high-mobility ultra-violence inherited from the main battle tanks and cavalry of yesteryear.

    That tradition lives on every other Saturday and Wednesday evening after work, starting at 5pm Pacific Standard!

    ...Who will survive?

    AFTER-ACTION REPORT(1/16): Our first LoC-down of 2019 was a blast. Old pilots, new pilots, and one returning to the game after years away. Some great jungle warfare on Map 21. I've never seen the map with so many trees burned to kindling. Then again, before that last 3rd gen match I'd never seen four railguns charging and fired at once, either...

    Join the Discord!:

    Check out the shiny new subreddit:

    Fresh arrival and need help setting up XLink Kai? Need some help unlocking and equipping your VT fleet? Over on the Discord, we have an active player base who are serious about pvp play. There are a really good spread of skill levels, and more than a few pilots who love helping new pilots get the hang of control and gunnery, and if you ever want no-shoot lessons, we do those too!
    01-26-2019 17:00
    01-26-2019 23:59
    XLink Kai's SB: LoC Arena (Under 3rd Person Shooters)