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Steel Battalion: Line of Contact - July 14th 2018

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  • Steel Battalion: Line of Contact - July 14th 2018

    Player Limit: 10
    Ping Limit: No
    Region Lock: No
    DLC: Intercompatible
    The next Steel Battalion: Line of Contact event is coming up again on Saturday, the 14th of July @ 5pm PST! Come join us for some gritty giant mecha combat!

    The 5v5 barrier has been broken on Kai! So we've had plenty of events in the past with 10 or more in attendance, but the game's notorious netcode usually meant that 10 player games were subject to drops and DC's, and were avoided by running multiple matches in parallel. No more! Between the average internet speeds being higher and more experience with hosting and lobby management, our last event got to experience the full glory of 5v5 bipedal armored warfare! Here's to many more.

    Need the T/UDATA to unlock your VT fleet? Want some coaching on VT setup? Stop by the continually expanding
    SB: XLink Kai Discord, now with multiple voice bays to support heavy game nights.

    SB: XLink Kai Facebook group:

    Get on the discord's softmod channel and ask about our Community Mod Kit!
    07-14-2018 17:00
    07-14-2018 23:59
    XLink Kai's SB: LoC Arena