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Steel Battalion: Line of Contact - May 19th 2018

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  • Steel Battalion: Line of Contact - May 19th 2018

    Player Limit: 10
    Ping Limit: No
    Region Lock: No
    DLC: Intercompatible
    The next Steel Battalion: Line of Contact event is coming up again on Saturday, the 19th of May @ 5pm PST! Come join us for some gritty giant mecha combat! With more new recruits, we're seeing new match-ups we've never seen before. Counter battery-fire, Fierce melee, and deadly sniper duels! If you love mechs, combat simulation games, or a game with a learning curve like the side of a canyon, you could join us! Wednesday-Night events are biweekly in-between Saturday events, with the next Wed event coming up on the 9th of May, and the next on May 23rd @ 5pm PST! Smaller games are on some nights during the week right now if you need practice or to get a connection test and a some piloting tips.

    Need the T/UDATA to unlock your VT fleet? Want some coaching on VT setup? Stop by the continually expanding
    SB: XLink Kai Discord, now with multiple voice bays to support heavy game nights.

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    Ask about our Community Mod Kit!
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    05-19-2018 23:59
    XLink Kai's SB: LoC Arena